Ishikawaya no kimono

One to wear shines with nature on the spot in harmony with the circumference, and Ishikawaya has a shining kimono.
Kimono worn in the expression of the celebration, kimono of the party such as the fun society, kimono of the tea-ceremony room,
The kimono in the meeting of the flower, a kimono at the age of the incense smelling, the kimono at the time of the presentation on the stage.
If it is a kimono, please talk about anything.

I always have Kyoto yuzen, Edo yuzen, Kaga yuzen, west camp double-woven obi, a Nagoya style sash, the kimono of the man, a summer kimono in a store.
I cope immediately anywhere.

Of cleaning, the color of the kimono by the specialized craftsman redye it, and heard making it over.
Please talk willingly.

I am particular about Japanese technique and pattern coming for a long time, and the kimono of our store has it.
In addition, the cloth affects silk and handles only a thing of the high quality.

Depending on a kimono, there is the kimono of only the Edo-dyed clothe that only one point is made which only our store has in our store even if I look for it in the world.
Our store is particular only about it as a store specializing in kimonos.
 I introduce some kimonos to sell in our store.

It was a fine pattern dyed for the old ceremonial dresses of a samurai and the daimyo in Edo-dyed clothe ... past.
Resist style does a design part with paste on white cloth with a paper pattern made in Ise and dyes a colour of the ground afterwards.
As for work in itself being simple, but it dyeing white cloth to make this paper pattern
We are severe work going far of the mind.
The left image is called a pattern of series of small squares in Edo-dyed clothe three key posts.
It is likely that the vertical side arranged very small squares neatly.
The bottom is the same, too and is a pole fine sharkskin pattern in three key posts.
It is with detail as both look like dyed cloth without a pattern from a distance.
Because it carves a point with something like chisel on Japanese paper of the persimmon juice one by one, it is great to make these paper patterns.
Because a head is replaced, and the hand is out of order when I stop this work on the way if I ask a craftsman of the Edo-dyed clothe,
It is that it does not always go as we want, thus, to go to the restroom for that you must finish it at a stretch.
This work that it costs for hours is really great.
The bottom is a paper pattern of the Edo-dyed clothe.
The upper image is the bamboo striped wave pattern with the paper pattern of late Hiroshi Kodama of the living national treasure and Edo-dyed clothe of fine vertical pair of stripes.
some is the gem which I cannot readily obtain by dyeing by Eiichi Asano who is a current master craftsman.
It is a task of extreme difficult to finish dyeing this line neatly.
A lot of Edo-dyed clothe. "Crane and tortoise" "pine" "Shippo" "Matsuba"
There is various Edo-dyed clothe in this way. In our store, in "this and the order, the colour of the ground is enacted in this pattern".
Do you not make a kimono of the special Edo-dyed clothe of the only one only for you?
 The use is wide, too and, from formal dress to the kimono of the tea-ceremony room, almost shows various expressions by obi alignment
The Edo-dyed clothe can be called "the good thing" which right expressed the best of Edo omitting decoration as much as possible.
 If the Edo-dyed clothe has interest, please refer willingly.
I wait for your communication.
Sewing of the kimonos of our store is sewing by the skilled sewing craftsman living in Niigata.
I take your physical dimensions and prepare it to it.
It is a kimono of the special only one only for you.

This hand is a hand of the craftsmen sewing a kimono.
The large expert hand which does sewing, and is 50 years.
With thought to one to wear, I get 1 stitch on one stitch.
 If it is a kimono, leave it to our store by all means!

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